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Data, maps and landscape

ANZGG (Australian and New Zealand Geomorphology Group)

Coordinate Conversion

CSDMS (Community surface dynamics modeling system)

EarthCube ('a cornerstone of NSF’s Cyberinfrastructure for the 21st Century’)

ExcelToKML (Excel tables to Google Earth files)

GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans)

GeoMapApp (a geo-visualization application developed at Lamont-Doherty)

GeomorphLectures (a nice source for geomorphology and beyond)

GIS 4 Geomorphology (a resourceful place of GIS tutorials for earth scientists)

Global CMT (the Global Centroid-Moment-Tensor Project)

GMT (The Generic Mapping Tools)

GMT cpt-city (GMT map colors)

GMT Tutorials (a non-English source of learning GMT)

GMT, Graphs and Maps (GMT course at Purdue)

GMT iTunes class (GMT teaching by Prof. Pål Wessel)

HydroSHEDS (Hydrological data and maps)

MultiSpec (A freeware multispectral image data analysis system)

Nuclides, Chart of (all nuclides information, as of 2014)

nullSchool (seeing is believing)

SRTM DEM (corrected 90-m SRTM digital elevation data)

SubMAP (an online tool for mapping subduction zone)

Tectonic Geomorphology (textbook online figures)

TopoToolbox (a matlab-based topography analysis toolkit)

TRMM data (Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission)

USGS EarthExplorer and GloVis

Tectonics, basins and structures

CIDER (Cooperative Institute for Dynamic Earth Research)

Chi-square distribution

DZstats (for assessing the similarity of multiple large sets of detrital dates)

GPlates (interactive visualisation of plate-tectonics)

GPlates Portal (Cloud-based interactive 3D visualization of global geo-data)

HUGG (Helsinki University Geodynamics Group)

London Geochron Centre: provenance calculators and other softwares

Provenance (an R package for statistical provenance analysis)

Radiolaria (microfossil!)

structural geology 3D models

Visible Geology (an online tool for teaching and learning structures)

3D Modelling tools (a summary of the 3D geology modelling tools)

Geochronology and geochemistry

ALC (the Arizona LaserChron Center website, with useful documents and tools)

CIRDLES (Cyber Infrastructure Research & Development Lab for the Earth Sciences)

Clmupy Wiki (clumped isotope)

CRONUS Web Calculators

CRONUS Calc (a Matlab program for cosmogenic)


GCDkit (GeoChemical Data toolkit, R-based data plotting program)

GeoChron (EarthChem at Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance, IEDA)

Iolite Software

IsoplotR (R tools for plotting geochron data)

IsoplotR online

John de Laeter Centre, Perth, SA

Melbourne Isotope Geoscience

molar mass calculator (online chemical tools, others in webqc)

PCIGR (Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research, at UBC)

PlasmAge (Laser ablation ICPMS dating of minerals)

RESOlution laser by ASI

RIF (Radiogenic Isotope Facility at UQ)

UCLA SIMS (a secondary ion mass spectrometry at Univ. of California Los Angeles)

UranOS (Data reduction program for time-resolved LA-ICPMS U-Pb analyses)

WebElements (an online periodic table)

XMapTools (Numerical tools for quantitative petrology)

Offfice and others

Adobe Illustrator (Illustrator help and tutorials)

Adobe Photoshop (Photoshop help and tutorials)

Chicago Manual of Style

Command line A to Z

CSD (Color Scheme Designer)

Eqneditor (an online equation editor)

Norris Software (the developer of GeoStar and many others)

Numbeo (thinking about moving?)

Online Grapher (a handy tool for quick plotting)

SmallPDF (a good online tool dealing with PDFs)

vBird (a non-English source of learning Linux)

Wordle (word cloud)

xkcd (comics)

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